Could These be the Real Reasons Organizations Are Reluctanct to Employ Moms?

Adesua Iyoyojie

We all know there is bias in the labour market especially against mothers, this is the reason women fear to submit job applications after marriage. Some who even have jobs, end up being sacked from their organizations after childbirth.

As a single mother, I had a hard time shuttling my job and motherhood. I was suspended way too many times in my last job for my many excuses – it seemed an unfair thing to have been fired then, especially with the current economy situation.

Most organisations have nothing to lose letting you go, they can simply replace you, unless you show them you can actually do the job effectively without hindrance.

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 These are some reasons from my personal experience, organizations avoid hiring mothers:

1. Not time concious:                                                                                                                                                                 Work resumes at 8 am, as a mother you have no business still being home at 7 am, wake up as early as possible to prepare for yourself and kids. So you can get to work in time and your kids can get to school before 8.

When every morning they keep hearing, “I am sorry for coming late I had to take my kid to school”, they begin to consider another person without kids because they already see your kids as the principal factor of your lack of commitment to work.

2. Improper utilization of time:
What do you do with your time after work?

Do you watch television till midnight when you are suppose to be resting or having irrelevant chit chat?

When you return from work, do everything necessary, prepare dinner, attend to the kids need, and go to bed when neccesary.

Early to bed, early to rise makes a mother happy, healthy and sharp.

Always jot down your schedules for the day and stick to them

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3. Lack of strong support system.
I am forever grateful to my mum for always supporting me when it comes to my son.

They were days he will fall sick on a Monday morning and my mother would stay home and take care of him.

Mothers need a great support system, without support they can’t focus at work, especially when the kids need them

4. Lack of good appearance and hygiene
I once went to the office with stain on my shirt.

I was trying to open a can of milk to prepare breakfast for my son and it spilled on my shirt. I cleaned it and dashed out but the stain was there.

We had clients that visited the office that morning and my boss wasn’t happy my shirt was stained. I was really embarassed. I felt dirty.

Some mothers look unkempt. They tell you no time to visit the salon.

Appearance matters a whole lot.

Represent yourself well at the work place.

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5. Not dependable.
Some mothers are not dependable.

If you give them an official assignment, be rest assured they will return with an excuse relating to husband and kids.

Every organisation need employees that can be responsible.

Make yourself indispensable.

6. Lack of availablity
Are you always available ?

Can you always come through when needed.

Some organisations need people they can call upon at all times.

7. Emotional distractions.
Things happening in the family can affect a woman ‘s output at work.

A married woman going though marriage travails cannot be her best at work.

Children stress can also add to it.

These situations happen to mothers the world over and there is little we can do about it.

Organisations always look out for the best and being a mother doesn’t stop you from doing your best. Always put in your best effort no matter what especially if you want to be taken seriously in the work place.

What other reasons do you think is the reason organizations shy away from hiring moms.

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