Awww! Why This Woman’s Maternity Shoot Will Make You Grab Your Tissues (PHOTOS)

Whenever we tell you to grab your tissues, trust us we know what we are saying. So, ladies it’s time to grab your tissues!

Any woman who’s gone through pregnancy will agree that the experience is not easy  – it’s tough. And being pregnant with your husband absent is much more harder.

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This maternity photoshoot depicts all that is tough and equally amazing about pregnancy.

Veronica Phillips had recently booked a maternity photo session with Jennifer McMahon, in Miami, Florida. Phillips let McMahon know ahead of time that her husband Brandon would not be there because he was abroad in the air force.

Phillips said that she wanted to wear his jacket in some of the photos, and the rest would her in a dress or two.

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Phillips also requested that McMahon try to include Brandon in some of the photos in some fashion.

McMahon was happy to give it her best shot – and her best shot was incredible! When Veronica saw the photoshopped picture of Brandon’s hand on her stomach, she cried.

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“This photo has already reached over a million people and I am so honored that my photo could do that.

I know it’s not the even the best photo, but its the story that it tells that means so much to people,” said McMahon.

This story is so heartwarming!

See more photos below:

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