Dating a Single Parent? | Here Are 8 Things You Need to Know

Adesua Iyoyojie

Dating a single parent is no walk in the park , it requires a lot of patience.

I have experience in dating men that are not single parents, and as a single mother I observed some things while dating – some of them really struggle to keep up.

The expectations are usually there and when I can’t meet up, the relationship ends.

As a single parent, naturally your kids are very important, but so is the person that has made conscious effort to be in your life.

Like the saying goes if you want an angel in a person, create heaven for them. You cannot expect them to just accept your single parent status and adjust to it so fast.

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This article is not about how single parents should treat their partners, but for folks willing to have a wonderful and fulfilling dating experience with a single parent.

I’ve compiled some key points you need to consider before taking the plunge into single parent dating:

1. Always keep to Time.
You have to always keep to time with a single parent.
Your 8 should be 8 not 8.30.
They usually have a Daily schedule and keep to it because kid(s) are involved.
They need to attend to their physical, psychological and emotional needs at all times.
Making their kid their best friend is not a days job, it requires time and commitment.
If they are fixing you into that schedule, you have to keep to time and not take it for granted

2. Be ready to be considerate.
They are days the nanny won’t show up, and they need to cancel their date or appointment with you.
No need keeping grudges, they are left with no choice, just be considerate and fix your meeting some other time. Help them plan towards it.

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3. Memorize their schedule so you don’t interrupt it to foster understanding .
I for instance is always busy at evenings, my son returns from school by then, I assist him with his home work and prepare dinner.
There is no time for phone calls or chats.
If you really want to be with a single parent, it is best you know what they are likely doing by a particular time so when they don’t respond to your calls, you don’t pick offense.

4. Getting to know the kids.
If you are really interested in being in their lives, at one point you will have to know their kids and great a rapport with them.
It makes them feel comfortable when their future partner and kids get along well.

5. Be a positive influence.
Single parents enjoy associating with people that are great influence to their kids.
They consider them first than other people in the lives.

6. Don’t see it as a competition.
When a single parent make sacrifices for their kid(s), don’t begin to compare it with that they did and didn’t do for you.
You are not in competition with anyone .
They are only trying to be the best parent.

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7. Availability.
They might not be emotionally or psychologically available sometimes.
Their kids might be sick or be drawn with financial responsibilities and that alone is energy sapping. This leads to the next point;

8. Be a great support system
When they need your support, show it the little way you can.
Even if you can’t provide material things;
Show love and concern.

Some men and women can’t handle these 8 thing and it’s understandable. Just be honest with yourself and make a decision. Above all, don’t see dating a single parent as a difficult task. This piece is just to prepare your mind to know what to expect and how to go through it.

If you can be patient, I think you will enjoy dating a single parent!

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