Woman Delivers Conjoined Twins Attached at the Abdomen | See Details + Photos

A mum miraculously gave birth naturally to conjoined twins who are attached at the abdomen.

The conjoined twins were born in a hospital in Uttar Pradesh in northern India on September 2.

Dr Rahul Aggarwal, a pediatric surgeon at Bhawani Prasad Hospital, delivered the conjoined twins after the mother admitted herself mid-labour.

Unfortunately, doctors have no idea if the newborns, who reportedly have all their vital organs, are male or female because of the way they are joined. They said their genders can only be identified during surgery.

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See photo below:

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Scans revealed she was expecting two children, and within an hour she gave birth naturally to the twins, who have a distance of 75cm between their heads.

According to MirrorsUK, Dr Aggarwal said the twins desperately need surgery if they are to stand a chance of survival.

“The mother had already started with labour pains when she arrived at the hospital. And when we did an ultrasound it confirmed she was expecting twins but she had no idea as she hadn’t had any earlier scans,” Dr. Rahul said.

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According to the doctor, the condition is a rare one and a it is miracle that the woman bravely delivered the twins naturally.

Their mother discharged herself shortly after their birth, and sadly failed to turn up at the hospital she was referred to by the doctors.

Photo credit: MirrorsUK

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