If Your Man Makes This Face, You Can Be Sure He Cheated | What Do You Think?

Most women can identify a cheating man by looking at his face, or we like to think so. And according to social media users, there is now an official face to identify men who have cheated on their partners.

How did they arrive at this conclusion you might ask? Well, they compiled photos of famous philanderers like; former US president Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant and most recently, Kevin Harts.

Look at these pictures and tell us you didn’t notice something similar, because we certainly did:

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1.  Twenty years ago, Clinton was accused of an affair with a young intern named Monica Lewinsky. Who else remembers the blue dress? He was impeached. Years later, it was also rumoured that he began a long-running affair with a busty, blonde housewife dubbed “the Energizer” after leaving office as the President.

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2. Woods, whose wife dumped him when she discovered his cheating ways, was more than just one of the most famous, highest-paid sports stars in the world. He was a history-maker, a barrier-smasher, a symbol of potential and hope.

Unfortunately, all that went down the drain after his cheating scandals.

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3. In 2011, Kobe Bryant’s wife of 16 years Vanessa filed for divorce because she was tired of her husband’s infidelity.

It was gathered that Bryant had affairs with more than 100 women during the couple’s ten year marriage; from Playboy models, to female rappers. Bryant also allegedly had affairs with some well-known ladies.

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According to TMZ, several of Bryant’s teammates had been vocal about his exploits, and word of the basketball player’s supposed infidelity eventually got back to Vanessa.

That wasn’t the first time that Bryant has been in hot water for his wandering eye.

In 2003, Bryant was charged with the rape of a 19-year-old Colorado resort employee, a media debacle that scarred his public image. Vanessa stood by her man then, but rumors of another infidelity almost sent her packing.

To cut the long story short, Vanessa called off the divorce in 2013 and decided to give their marriage another try, after Kobe apologised with a huge diamond ring.

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4. As for Hart, you can read more about his recent cheating scandals, here, here and here.

There you have it. Do you think there a way to identify when a man is cheating? Share with us.

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