“Why we courted for only a week”: Governor Rochas Okorocha Opens up on His 30-Year Marital Journey

The Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha and his pretty wife, Nneoma Nkechi Okorocha have been happily married for 30 years and they have opened up that they only courted for a week.

Rochas and Nneoma have six children together and are already grandparents. In a recent interview with LIB, Rochas shared details about their life together and how he met his wife.

At a very youthful age, Rochas’ had to settle down with a woman as his father who was ill  at the time requested that he finds a wife and bring her to him before he dies.

The governor disclosed that he immediately started the search to find a woman and one morning while driving he saw a lady packing tomatoes by the side of the road and he knew she was his wife.

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Read what he said:

“I was quite young, about 24 years old then. My father fell sick and one day he told me he wants me to get married that he wants to see my wife before he dies and he was quite young then. That was how I began the search for a wife’.

One morning I was driving and I saw a young lady packing tomatoes by the side of the road and I said to my friend, ‘this is my wife’. So we stopped and asked if we could help her and she said no and my friends laughed at me so we left but somehow I believed I have seen my wife.

The next day I was passing in a bus and I saw the same young lady at the same spot with her sisters though I didn’t stop to talk to her that day but anytime I see her its always like stars shine through my eyes like I’ve seen something that’s not normal”

The governor also said that after that day of seeing by the road side, they met for the second time coincidentally at a function and from then they became friends and got talking.

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The doting dad and granddad said his courtship with the mother of his children, Nkechi did not last up to a week before they got married and today he has the best marriage ever.

“Eventually, we met by accident at an event and that’s how we got talking. Our courtship didn’t even last for one week before we got married, I’ sure it’s one of the fastest marriages ever and today I can say meeting my wife.

The first lady is the best thing that ever happened to me in life, believe me and I say it anywhere in the world to whoever cares to know. I’m blessed with the best family you can think of.

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I have the best marriage on earth. My wife doesn’t believe in gold and all these jewelries that women wear because our life is a life of service” he said.

Many more years of marital bliss we wish the Okorochas!

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