Good or Bad? Find Out What Attributes Your Kids Are Picking From You

When we use the word attributes it means the characteristics, what entirely makes up a person; they can be bad or good, most times born out of bad habit that isn’t curbed over time .

This is why it is advisable to be very cautious while forming and displaying some habits in the presence of kids.

Psychologists confirm that a child will grow up to be half like his parents and half like himself.

Few years ago I went to visit a family friend, and while we were watching an interesting movie on TV, they showed a female youth Corp member. Her 7 year old son blurted out and said,

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“Mummy there is one aunty that always come over to our house to cook and sleep when you travel. Obviously a lady always came to the house.”

He added,

“She always give me money when leaving.”

The boy was excited and saw it as a normal thing for other ladies to come when his mum is absent.

Such nasty way to raise a child.

Below are habits your child might likely pick from you:

1. Infidelity:
When a girl child always see mummy talk and entertain other men like she does with daddy, she would think it is okay.
When a boy sees daddy behave intimately with other women like he does with mummy, he would think it is normal.
They grow up and might not get the chance to know better . They carry that same attribute into their marriage.

2. Bad eating habits :
I used to pick green beans from my food and mess the whole dinning table with it.
My son began to think it was okay to do that. He started picking onions from his food. When I stopped, he didn’t stop.
It has now become a habit for him to pick things from his food.

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3. Bad manners.
Whatever your kids see you do, they do also.
When they hear you use insultive words on people over the phone, they start learning how to talk and adding some little insult.
I had a neighbour that doesn’t greet in the morning, his kids doesn’t greet people too.
Whatever you do, they see, learn and it becomes a part of them

4. Business savvy
I and all my siblings learnt business from my dad. We watched him singlehandedly built a communications brand for years.
Some successful people today learnt success habits from their parents.

5. Integrity and contentment
My dad taught me that.
What he can’t afford he never buys,
As an adult no matter how my need for something is strong, I wait until I can afford it.
I grew up seeing people trust him with their money. He runs a cooperative society. No matter his needs, he never spends the money kept with him.
I and my siblings all learnt the habit of not touching people’s things.
You can also be a person of integrity and contentment so your kids can pick it.

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6. Hospitality
Whenever visitors are coming my mum starts preparing days before. She ends up stressed after they leave because she always makes sure they leave with a smile.
This is why I don’t entertain visitors when I don’t have anything to make them feel comfortable.
It is now a tradition to make people feel better when they come visit.
Your kid might just pick that side of you.

7. The act of compassion.
Your kids can pick the act of showing kindness.
I once watched an interview with a man that was raised in an orphanage home mother Theresa lived.
He learnt compassion from her.
Now he goes round the world like her to show help to those that needs it.

The half attributes children get from parents can still influence who they actually are.

A good input will almost likely yield a great output.

Tell us in the comment section the good and not so good attributes your children have gotten from you. And like we always say, this is not to condemn but to encourage us to be better parents to our children.

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“Good or Bad? Find Out What Attributes Your Kids Are Picking From You”
  • I learnt being frank and truithful from my dad. People trust me and always want my opinions about issues bothering them. It has landed me in trouble several times and now I have learnt to keep quiet but it’s so sad that people don’t want the truth.
    I was recently banned from a Facebook group because the rule is not to judge but pls why do people say you are judging them when you are simply telling them the truth.

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