Are Nigerian Women Romantic? 3 Male Celebrities Give Their Candid Opinions | DETAILS

Nigerian women are known the world over for their great beauty, intelligence, cooking skills, and hardworking spirit, but on whether they are romantic, some of Nollywood’s finest male celebrities get candid with their opinion in an interview with Vanguard.

Versatile Nollywood actor, Dave Ogbeni said Nigerian women are the most romantic women in the whole universe and used his encounter as an example.

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According to him, he has met a lot of Nigerian women and none of them showed the unromantic side of them, and to him, this means it’s not part of them.

“Nigerian women are among the most romantic women in the universe, that is, if they want to. When a Nigerian woman is genuinely in love with you, prepare yourself for a romantic jolly ride.”

Ijaw guy and Nollywood actor, Daniel Lloydthinks that the Nigerian society does not allow the woman to be romantic. According to him they are not romantic for reasons beyond their control.

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“Being romantic comes with expression and our society does not give them the room to express it. The ones who do are regarded as not being dignified. The society plays a major role in women expressing their romantic sides”, he said.

Another Controversial Nollywood actor, Benson Okonkwo believes that Nigerian women are not romantic, well, except money is involved.

“Let’s be sincere with ourselves, Nigerian women are not romantic. If they are at all, it is only for money or good looks. Only money and good looks are what make them stick to a man. Apart from those, it’s a big no for me,” he asserted.

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Having heard all they said, do you think Nigerian women are the best romantics or have potential to be romantic?

Or maybe you agree with Benson that money must be involved for romance to blossom with Nigerian women?

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

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