Actress Ronke Oshodi Opens Up on Amazing Relationship With Her Mother

Veteran talented Nollywood actress and mom, Ronke Oshodi Oke, has disclosed that she shares a special bond with her mother.
Ronke said her mother was a teacher and as such instilled a lot of knowledge in her and her siblings, however she was a very strict mother who sometimes flogged them.
“My mum is a very good woman. She is always good at what she does and she was able to relate well with us. But you know teachers, what they want is what they want. When my mum wants you to do something you must do it. She did a very good job as a mum but she was very strict.
We were always afraid. She made us read so much and she would thoroughly go through our books. She made sure we did all our schoolwork before we were allowed to play.”
The mother of three said that no one can tell her mother that Ronke did something awful and she would believe, that shows the extent to which she and her mother get along.
She is aware of everything that concerns the actress, from when she decided to take up a career in acting and every other decision she’s made up till this point.
Growing up with a strict mum may sound difficult to you, but the stunning actress enjoyed every bit of her mum’s strictness as her love for her family was not in denial.
However Ronke’s, mum  went all out to make sure her kids were alright and even sold some of her things just so that she and her siblings could be educated and become somebody.
Our relationship was good. When I was a teenager, especially my dad, he would always advise me. My mum also did but she was always the hyper type and my dad was kind of cool.
Back then, my dad would call me, talk to me, advise me, go through the scriptures with me, but my mum would scream, ‘What are you doing?’
My mum did a lot; it was not easy. When we were growing up, things weren’t easy. At a point, she sold some of her things just for us to be educated.
She further said that there are so many things that make her mother happy and excited, one of which is seeing her children do well in their home, career and life.
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“Actress Ronke Oshodi Opens Up on Amazing Relationship With Her Mother”

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