Dear MIMsters: Will Getting a Job Solve My Marital Problems?

Will getting a job solve my marital problems?
I will be 26 next month. I got married 6 months ago. We dated for 6 years before we got married. Since we got married, his character has changed.
The problems is each time hubby and I have an argument, he will stop talking to me and would insult me at every opportunity I get until I beg him.
Recently, after I noticed that he is very protective of his phone to the extent that he even takes his phone to the bathroom, I hacked into it. A few days ago, he forgot his phone at home and I went through his WhatsApp chat. I saw his chat with a young girl who happens to be a member of the same church that we attend. He told her how much he loves and cares about her.
I took a picture of that chat with my phone and asked him about the girl. Of course he lied about it because he always deletes his chat with her. But when I showed him the picture as an evidence, he could not say a word again and has refused to talk to me since.
I walked up to him to ask why he doesn’t want to talk to me that I should be the one upset. He said that I should get angry and leave his house as I am not contributing anything to him. He said that I only eat his food and sleep as I am not working and still TTC. He said I should just pack my things and leave.
I am confused as I don’t know what else to do. Should I pack my things and leave or I should just look for a job? ( I have been trying to get a job but can’t find any). I need help
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“Dear MIMsters: Will Getting a Job Solve My Marital Problems?”
  • You don’t need to leave, find a job or something to do, remember marriage is for better for worse, be prayerful and stop arguing with your husband. Am talking from experience I had the same challenge months back and av learnt how to stop checking my hubby phone and also av stop questioning him about his girlfriends but pray for him. And av found how to keep myself busy by making snacks and supply to nearby schools, since then peace has been reigning in my home. He will be the one to tell me things about his side chicks which I will smile and keep silent even if it hurts.

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