‘My Girlfriend Called off Our Wedding Because of a ‘Small Slap’ – Nigerian Man Laments

A prospective Nigerian groom has shared online what he did to his wife-to-be that had her call off their wedding.

The man shared with a relationship Instagram page, how he slapped his fiancee just a little bit, so as to correct her for doing something he warned her against.

According to him, he only tested her with small slap to see what she can endure in the marriage.

Giving reason for his nasty action, he said the “correction slap” was given to her because she answered his phone and he has warned her not to ever pick his calls as he doesn’t touch her phone too.

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Here’s his post;

”Our wedding is this Saturday and for the first time in my life I just gave her one small slap and she threw my ring to my face and called it off.

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If a woman can not endure a little slap from the man she loves then what can she endure in the marriage? Just correction slap and she is forming yanki girl saying domestic violence, how?

Should I beg her? Or do you people think she is unserious.

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My mum said she is not a serious wife. I slapped her because she picked my call and I have warned her never to try it, because I don’t puck hers or go close to her phone.”


This is how domestic violence starts. From small slap, it will migrate to punching, exchanging of blows and the likes.

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No matter what, a man should not raise his hand against his wife, there are better ways to correct her than the small slap.

Who thinks she made the right decision?


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“‘My Girlfriend Called off Our Wedding Because of a ‘Small Slap’ – Nigerian Man Laments”
  • I love this chick already. She knows what she wants in a man. BTW this guy is a big fool. What the hell is a small slap or correction ? Mtschew.

  • This guy is not even apologetic which means if she goes ahead in the marriage she should expect more correctional beatings hmm girl this is the best decision to ensure a marriage void of domestic violence.

  • I salute the courage of this young woman. You have saved yourself a lifetime of sorrow, heartache, pain and possible death in the hands of an egotistical man. Women should take a cue from her and stop deluding themselves when they see glimpses of violence. Don’t wait! Run for your life! Such menhardly ever change

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