7 Ways to Handle Your Teenage Daughter’s Pregnancy (Part Two)

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One thing most parents, especially mothers dread to face is the news that their teenage daughter is pregnant. As a result, you find many parents trying their ultimate best and find ways to prevent this from happening. Then she makes her not-so-great choices, and this happens.

Are you a parent of one of the 17 million teenage girls that get pregnant yearly in developing countries? Here are some effective ways to help you manage your teenager and her pregnancy.

Continued from part one

  • Medical Attention


The National Population Commission reports that pregnancy is the highest cause of death in teenage girls. Complications from abortions causes about 72% of these deaths. Whether your daughter chooses to terminate the pregnancy or see it through, make sure you help her get the best, or at least, professional medical help, before the decision to terminate comes to light. Get her to start attending antenatal classes and/or a pregnancy support group. If the need arises, she should get counselling from a professional counsellor or a spiritual mentor.

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  • The Baby Father

He has to be carried along in whatever steps you take. Depending on his age, his parents should also be involved. If there’s a consensus to keep the child, both parties, especially your daughter and the father, have to pitch in to take care of the child. They have to be taught and allowed to bear the financial burden of taking care of the child. You’ll be doing them a great help when you make them take responsibility as this is a major factor in being a parent.

  • Monitor Her Lifestyle

She’s a teenager and still too young to be taking on this responsibility even though it was because she was indulging in ‘adult’ activities. She has to take care of her self not just because of the baby but also because of her own health and life. Smoking and drinking (if she does) has to be completely stopped. She has to exercise regularly so that she would be able to stand the rigors of child birth. Note that girls between 15 and 19 are twice as likely to lose their lives from pregnancy or childbirth issues than older ladies, while girls below 15 years are five times likely to suffer the unpleasant fate. Do make an effort to make her do the right things (eat, exercise, rest, etc) at the right time.

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Your daughter just needs to make some adjustments and with your help and love, your daughter can still complete her education, achieve her life/ career goals and enjoy socializing without any feelings of inferiority.

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