Ready to Pop! Stunning Sarah Stage Flaunts Toned Tummy at 9 Months Pregnant

As Sarah Stage continues to show off her incredibly flat stomach, the 33-year-old Los Angeles soon-to-be mother-of-two keeps shocking us with her pregnancy body.

The pregnant lingerie model shared a photo of her tummy at the 9th month of pregnancy and her bump is still not showing.

Stage, who already is mom to a two-year-old son named James Hunter, should welcome her second baby any moment from now.

Stage shared the photo below of her tummy as it is now, and captioned it: “#36 weeks”.

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Stage also wrote to women as she prepares to welcome her baby boy into the world,

”Baby #2 is almost here and I can’t help but reflect on how amazing our bodies are for growing a sweet baby! Taking extra care of myself during these last months of pregnancy is so important and that’s why I wear my @Avawomen bracelet every night.

I wear it to bed in order to track my sleep, heart rate variability (stress indicator) and resting pulse rate. The Ava app also gives me information on baby development each week.

After my little guy arrives I will continue to wear my Ava bracelet to track my cycle and health as I return to pre-pregnancy workouts.

If you’re trying to get pregnant, the #avabracelet detects your 5 most fertile days in real time. Spread the baby love! ”

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Sarah and hubby

A month ago, Stage revealed that she’s likely going to have her baby boy through C-section because he is breech.

The fitness enthusiast further explained that if her unborn child ‘doesn’t turn again’, she will end up having another C-section, which she is ‘fine’ with.

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”Just casually being #8monthsprego ????????????????????#datenight outfit: @yoinscollection

Also, lots of questions about VBAC and c section …. I was surprised that baby boy was head down ???????? but then went back to breech position ????????‍♀️ so if he doesn’t turn again then it will be another c section which I am fine with since I had a positive experience with my last c section (James was also breech).

All we want is a healthy baby and smooth delivery so it’s out of my hands at this point! Thanks for all of the suggestions on how to get baby to turn .. I tried everything last pregnancy from acupuncture to downward dog.”

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Photo credit: Shannon Laurine/Instagram


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