Should Women Sacrifice Their Dreams for Marriage? | Read This Story & Join the Discussion

Desolate stories like the one below as shared by a Twitter user Kelvin Odanz are becoming more common by the day as the world is getting more advanced. Should women give up their dreams for marriage?

Kelvin shared a thread telling the story of a young woman who got married to her hearthrob after her university and was deprived of NYSC call and a job offer by him.

The lady’s hubby was backed by his parents saying she did not have to work as he would take care of everything and she may get a better job so she settled in Abakaliki with him.

However she thought it was going to be a ‘happy ever after’ tale but it turned out sour when she could not give birth to children after two years. Frustration set in.

He started abusing her, and eventually took a new wife after throwing her out of his house. The woman is now left with nothing but depression and misery.

The Twitter user went further to express his irritation over women who give up their dreams just for marriage and forget they also have things they can become gracefully.

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In his opinion every woman should have desires as much as men do instead of just limiting themselves and be subjected to being a mere housewife and violence.

This thread teaches us that pressure to get married should be overruled because the society is changing.

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We all have dreams that should be valid and seen as important and there should be no gender inequality tied to it. Even women are entitled to dreaming and achieving, they are not slaves.

This are things more important than relationships and marriages. We cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that for decades and centuries, women have been advised, sometimes forced, to sacrifice their dreams for their partners’ so as to “hold their homes together”.

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Thankfully, this story is changing and this thread by Twitter user @KelvinOdanz should serve as a reminder that inasmuch as sacrifice is a very important value in relationships, it can be disastrous when only one person is the one making all the sacrifices.

Getting married should be a personal decision, one that each individual should be allowed the right to making choices and everyone should join hands and put a stop to female gender limitations.

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Should women give up their dreams

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