Dear MIMsters: Am I To Blame For My Husband’s Infidelity?

Hello Mimsters, I am hurt and angry about my husband’s infidelity, but I don’t know if I am to blame.

I have been married to a man who I attended secondary school with for 8 years. We have been blessed with three children. We dated for a long time before we got married because we wanted to complete our university education.

We were very young, but l must be frank, l made a lot of mistakes which my boyfriend turned husband, chose to forgive me and marry me at all cost. He is a good man l must say. After our marriage l trusted him so much that I never thought he would cheat on me.

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Few months ago, he began locking his phone, whenever l unlocked it; l found romantic messages with a  particular lady. I complained about it and he stopped. He changed the lock again, this time, he told me he was hiding something and that I would not be able to unlock his phone. I was however able to unlock it, and this time, I found that he had saved the woman’s name as a man.

I followed their chats for more than one month and l only confronted him about it yesterday. My husband insulted me and said that it’s normal that he would cheat on me, because that was what l did before we got married.

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I told him l that I didn’t beg him to marry me, and I called the lady involved. My problem now is whenever we have arguments; he will remind me of my past. I’ve decided never to touch his phone and I will not talk to him unless he apologies to me.

I’ve never ever cheated on him since we got married. I’ve been helpful and I have been a wonderful wife to him because l thought he was faithful to me. I didn’t know that he was cheating on me all these years. I trusted him so much. I’m now hurt and I have decided to ignore him.

I want my people on this platform to please advise me and lead me on the right path.

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“Dear MIMsters: Am I To Blame For My Husband’s Infidelity?”

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