Woman Details Her Body Insecurities From Developing Breasts at 7

A Facebook user, Gloria Okhani, has taken to her page to write about her body insecurities and how life turned out for her after starting to ‘grow boobs’ at 7.

Here’s what she wrote as she shared a photo when she was 10 years old with full boobs that some adults can’t boast of.

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“Yes I was 10yrs here.. the girl on purple..It wasnt my fault..my hormones were growing super fast… i use 2 think it was a curse… i hated my body… i swear 2 God; i use 2 cry my eyes out… becuz people judged me by my appearance… nija mentality..tho i dont blame dem .. started growin tits at 7… wen my friends were running around with just pant.. i wuld be locked in… so dont bring any1 down no matter what… u dont knw how long it took dem 2 build dat boldness and self esteem… u dont knw what they pass thru behind close doors… so my dear… i will rock my body and be happy… … nobody should tell u shit.. be u and be happy.. big small tiny.. doesnt matter…na how u carry yourself.”

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That must have been challenging for her to be that developed at seven, knowing how sexualised this society is. Her parents wanting to protect her from perverts probably had to keep her locked up and away from her friends. Could they have handled it differently?

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Did you experience this or is any of your children experiencing this? What’s the best way to handle early puberty?

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“Woman Details Her Body Insecurities From Developing Breasts at 7”
  • I was in sss1 when I started growing real boobs and was looking forward to it cos everyone around was growing boobs

  • My daughter started growing tits at 7 too, I panic at first and had to take her to a pediatrician who said it was normal. But we were lucky it didn’t grow fast and big, she’s almost 12 now and it’s still normal, she doesn’t even fit into a bra yet. Once we accepted it I just taught her about her body and all she needed to know and she’s proud of herself. She lives a normal life like every child her age. of course we don’t have to run around naked simply becks we are kids as we know our privates early and learned to keep them private. But we played and and ran around doing all the child play with fun.

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