Dear MIMsters: Am I the Architect of My Own Problem In This Marriage? How Do I Escape This?

My story is quite unusual, but could I be the architect of my own problems? Was I a fool to trust this man?

I got married at the age of 20 to a man people warned me not to marry, because he was gay. He begged me and promised to change; he said he would go for deliverance. The priest refused to wed us unless he made an oath in the blessed sacrament of our church, but I refused because I knew the complications. If only I had known.

However, after the wedding, his true nature started to manifest. He sleeps out and brings in men to our matrimonial home. When I talk and complain about it, he beats me up so bad, I pass out.

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I continued to pray. I gave him my body but he never wants sex from me, so I decided to let him be. It has been two years now, and I have not had sex with my husband. I have feelings, but I don’t want to cheat on him. I am blessed with three kids from this marriage.

To make matters worse, his family hates me. They hate me so much that they can’t hide it. They said I came from water, ( ogbanye). When I complain about this, he would tell me that I can leave if I choose to. Babalawo is his second name, this is not a joke.

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I am ashamed of myself. I cry every time. He does not take care of us, but he has the money too. At times, I feel I was charmed by him. To cut the story, I have no life savings, no education and I am now 27 years old.

I have suffered so much in his hands. Where do I start from?

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“Dear MIMsters: Am I the Architect of My Own Problem In This Marriage? How Do I Escape This?”

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