Dear MIMsters: How Do I Say No to My Mother on this Scary Issue?

I fear for my family, at the same time, I may be destroying my home if I keep obeying my mother. This is my scary story.

I told my mum last year that I wanted a housemaid, she refused to help me find one, saying that they were not to be trusted and that they were known for mistreating their bosses’ children in their absence. So, she brought a distant cousin of hers who is only fifteen years old.

I took her in and enrolled her at a private school. Immediately we took her in, things became tough. I was also pregnant and I gave birth during this time. Right from the moment we took her in, she has been terrible. My daughter has suffered some injuries as a result of her carelessness.

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Despite these, I have always treated her like my own. I buy expensive clothes and shoes for her so that she doesn’t feel the absence of her parents. She tells me what she wants and I buy them.

This year, I started having bad dreams about her where she was possessed. I had to pray to God to reveal some things to me and he did. I saw so many things about her. I consulted my Pastor and he told me point blank to let her go. I told my mum everything, but she insisted I keep her. She asked me what should she tell the girl’s parents.

Ever since this issue started, I have been prayerful. I confronted her and she told me that my husband offended her. I asked her how and when, and she told me it was when my husband followed her to school to see her principal.

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Now, there was a time she usually returned from school very late, meanwhile, her school is just behind our house. The school closes at 3:00pm but she would come home at 5:00pm or 4:30pm. I was angry and begged my husband to follow her to school one day, just to find out what was happening. My husband spent 5 minutes on the way to her school and 5 minutes back home.

When they got there, the school confirmed that she keeps a lot of bad friends. So when I was questioning her as to what my husband did, she said the day my husband followed her to school, he told her teachers and the principal that she probably has a lot of boyfriends hence she comes home late.

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I asked my husband last weekend and he said he never said so. He simply asked the teacher if she keeps bad friends, and he confirmed that she does. Even on her report card last month, the teacher wrote that she is easily influenced by friends.

Please mothers, I don’t want to offend my mother, but what do I do? I am not comfortable with her presence in my home.

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“Dear MIMsters: How Do I Say No to My Mother on this Scary Issue?”
  • Then let the girl live with your mom and you continue helping her from a distance. If your mom insists she can’t take her back, then she should live with her instead.

  • Pls, your home comes first. If you are not comfortable with her, let her go before the situation get worse. If your mother is offended, give her time. She’ll get over it.

  • my dear., your life, your marriage, and the life of your little girl is much more important than anyones anger. this girl is possessed as you rightly said, she has become a principality in your home and you still want to keep her. Ha! my sister…if you dont fear for your life, fear for the life of your little girl.
    take her back toher parents…explain that things are tough for your guys, hence you can nolonger keep her but they can put her in the school so that you can be sending money for her fees.
    Also PLEASE and PLEASE sisters before you bring in anyone into your home, make sure you pray and listen to the leading of the HolySpirit.

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