8 Proven Ways to Boost Your Fertility

It is the desire of almost every couple out there. Some don’t think anything of it like “duh! I’m a woman, right?”  Getting pregnant comes with the package. However, your lifestyle or some medical condition could weaken your fertility thereby making it difficult to get pregnant.

That being said, making small changes to your lifestyle can strengthen your fertility so that you can get pregnant. For those women/couples that need it, take a look at these 8 ways you can boost your fertility.

1. Maintain a healthy weight

Studies and researches have shown that it will take more time and effort for women who are considered overweight to get pregnant. Now, don’t go starving yourself because the same studies showed that it will take underweight women double the time it will take over weight women to conceive. If you don’t know what your healthy weight is, pay your doctor a visit, talk about it him/her and monitor your weight regularly. Soon you’ll be giving your loved ones the good news. (Yayy!! I’m pregnant)

2. Reduce the stimulants

Stimulants here refers to coffee (or caffeine, to be precise) and alcohol. Some smart scientists from Sweden took their time to carry out studies on women that drink alcohol and guess what they found out? Women that consumed more than two bottles of alcohol a day had their fertility levels drop by a whopping 60%. Some other studies also showed that consuming more than 5 cups of coffee daily will definitely reduce fertility levels significantly.

3. Quit smoking already

Those tobacco sticks will weaken your uterus’ ability to receive the egg and also reduces a man’s capacity to produce healthy sperm eggs. Even when you get pregnant, smoking increases the chances of a miscarriage occurring. So, just drop it!

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4. Proper nourishment

Including the right amounts and combination of nutrients in your diet is another sure way of boosting fertility levels in both men and women. Experts report that deficiency of nutrients like zinc, iron, protein and Vitamins C & D leads to extended menstrual cycles or less ovulation and a higher risk of miscarriage. You will want to stock up and chow down on food and fruits that are rich in fertility -boosting nutrients.

5. Know your fertility windows

Having sex too early or too late could mean that the sperm cells will get weak or die before ovulation, or that the egg will die before it can get fertilised. Check out our list of apps and gadgets that can help you figure out when your fertility window is open so you and your partner can play your roles in bringing that baby into the world.

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6. Have more sex

Researches have discovered that there are strong ties between having frequent sex and healthy, predictable ovulation or menstrual cycles. If you want to boost your fertility levels, try having sex two or three times weekly. The hormonal activity that is associated with regular sex increases your chances of conceiving. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine reports that engaging in sexual intercourse every other day during your fertile window will increase the chances of taking in.

7. Relax!

Don’t get stressed up because you still haven’t conceived after all that sex. Exerting yourself too much with exercise, house chores or office work could mess with your hormone levels and cause irregular menstrual cycles. It will be better to engage in light exercises, listen to soothing music, don’t try to win the award for the hardest working employee and get enough rest.

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8. Lubricants

You have to watch out for these ones. Yes, they make having sex more pleasurable and less painful but some of them could actually become a barrier, making it more difficult for the sperm to reach your ova. Baby oil, vegetable, peanut and canola oil are healthy options for lubrication while saliva and olive are a no-no.

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