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Dear MIMsters: How Do I Get Him To Love and Respect Me Or Do I Just Walk Away?

Hi MIMsters, I have this problem that is eating at my peace of mind. How do I get my boyfriend to love and respect me or do I just walk away. It is my hope that I will be able to make a right decision from your advice.

I am 32 years old from a badly broken home, but I have always been able to keep my head up. I was however lucky to see my dad two hours before he died. My mum on the other hand has only been interested in my step brother since his father is a very wealthy man. They both never bothered to send me money or took care of me, I grew up as a house girl in my own mother’s house. I have always been myself and taken decisions all by myself.

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Now this is my problem: I’ve been dating this guy for almost 8 months, and when I start something, I always give it my all. He doesn’t see any reason to give me money, rather he always wants to find ways to borrow from me. Once, I borrowed him some money, but the attitude he used to collect it was quite arrogant. He told me that when he has money, he will pay me back. He gives me attention when he feels like it and barely calls or even sends me message.

Sometimes, I have to send him messages before he would even wants to chat with me. Frankly, it’s been two months since I saw him last. I felt that all these happen because of the distance between us, so, I decided to go visit him one weekend and he said okay.

I was already on my way when he sent me a message in the evening saying that he has gone to hang out with some of his friends at a funeral.

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It’s been more than a week and he has still not sent a message. I don’t want to be the first that would send a message, because I see that in this relationship, I am playing the manly role while he is very relaxed. I have never asked him for a dime neither has he given me any money, not even for

Please, what should I do? I have prayed and fasted so that l can settle down one day, but it seems nothing better is coming my way. I will be here reading the comments.

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“Dear MIMsters: How Do I Get Him To Love and Respect Me Or Do I Just Walk Away?”
  • That guy is giving his attention to someone else so please don’t waste your time with him any longer. You need to be loved and pampered not the other way round. So please stop seeing him and let him be, he is just using you.

  • I’m sorry you find yourself in this kind of situation. Honest truth you are not in a relationship. Don’t text or call him just move on.
    You are worthy of all the love and attention. A man that is deserving and right for you, would find you.
    You are wonderfully and fearfully made, You are amazing just the way you are.
    Lots of love and kisses,

  • this signs are all red flags…any man that cares or wants a relationship do find time to make it work even if its a long distant relationship he would still be committed…the is no commitment on his side…maybe you should just chill for a while and if he does not contact you then you can make your decision then…it is well with you and please dont allow the baggage of your home affect you in any way…good things will come your way…just be hand working…love God more and let God do his work in your life….all the best

  • Please walk away, u deserve someone that does not have to be reminded to love u, call u or text u, who sees ur needs before asking. Obviously that guy is not meant for u. There are beta men out there so give another a trial. Ur crying days are over

  • he is a user he is just using you.he sees by as desperate.he knows ur age and how most people that age feel.walk away God would send a good man your way who would love respect and tressure u…

  • I don’t feel like but I will comment.My dear sister, break up the rrelationship. If you marry this guy the problem presently is a tip of the ice berg. Leave age, take a stand, value yourself and walk away from the relationship, you will see what God has in stock for you. You have suffered humiliation from your family, you should not marry the man that will humiliate you. It happened to me, i broke up the relationship in tears but after 3 years of waiting I finally found my best friend. Wait on the lord, boldly break up. You are a great woman with dignity, pride & great future. Ensure you have a focus, work, study & take good care of yourself. Don’t be in haste, keep praying

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