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Falling When Pregnant: 5 Things That Can Make You Fall and How to Avoid Them

When you get pregnant, you gain weight and get exhausted easily. Your centre of gravity changes and you’re more like to lose your balance and, falling over could be dangerous for you. You need to be extra careful so that the unexpected does not happen. Take note of these dangers that can make you fall.

1. Inappropriate shoes

You may have unrivalled skills at walking with a 5-inch, pencil-thin stiletto heel, but remember, now that you’re pregnant, it’s a whole different game. Don’t endanger yourself or the baby you’re carrying. Go for flat or solid heeled shoes.

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2. Dizzy spells

Nausea and dizziness are very common when you’re carrying a baby in your belly. You can get hit with a wave of nausea when the temperature is high or when you’re dehydrated. Food/energy also gets used up quickly, leaving you exhausted and dehydrated. This can make you feel dizzy, lose your balance and fall.

To avoid this, snack regularly and drink frequently to stay hydrated. Also wear light, loose-fitting clothes to keep the heat at bay. Sit and rest when you feel tired.

3. Objects on the floor

Stepping on small or big objects on the floor can make you stagger or worse fall down. Depending on the gravity of the fall, you could go into an early labour.

4. Staircases

Caution must be observed when you are ascending or descending a flight of stairs, especially one that you are not very familiar with.

5. Wet and Slippery Floors

You are most likely to drop your guard at home because it’s familiar to you. Well, that furry rug you’ve got at the foot of your bed? It could be a trip-and-fall agent. And the harmless rag lying on the kitchen floor, that tile that is coming off, the water that dripped off your hubby’s body after he stepped out of the shower; all these are accidents waiting to happen. Let your partner know your concerns so that he could also keep an eye out and lend a hand in removing these safety hazards from the way and assist you in navigating difficult terrain.

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We hope nothing untoward/unpleasant will occur but if it does and you fall, call or visit the doctor immediately for a check up. Take care and take charge.

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