10 Exciting Ways to Initiate & Spice up Things In The Other Room

Adesua Iyoyojie

Sex is beautiful, it is one aspect of our human nature that cannot be ignored and comes with many benefits. It is exciting and should be.

From improving your health, helping you sleep and, obviously, strengthening your relationship, sex definitely has it roles in our overall well being.

Even though the society makes it look as though sex is a sole privilege for men, I want to categorically inform you that you have the same privilege to be boss in your bedroom and command the submissiveness of your man under the sheets.

Oh yes my dear, God didn’t create you with these curves and bumps only to be docile in matters of sex, but to also command your man’s attention to you whenever you feel like it. So in this article, I will be sharing tips on how to initiate sex and get your man following you like a hungry baby.

1. Packaging

When ladies pass men, they indirectly spot the breast or the bum. It’s in their DNA to look and appreciate the work of God in a lady.

Men are visuals and can undress a lady within seconds of looking at her.

So why dress like you are ashamed of your body, when you can get some dress and make him desire you within seconds.

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Go to the market, shop for colorful and sexy lingerie, and also get some bum shots or skirts. You may even casually avoid wearing your panties while in the house, so you can get him thinking.

You need to constantly feed his eyes with some beautiful glimpses of your body to get him thinking about sex with you.

Stop tying wrapper everywhere in your house or wearing trousers all around your room.

2. Hygiene

There is something called pheromones, this has to do with our body aura or smell. If your hair is always smelling and your armpit is oozing out bad smell, no matter how attractive your body is, no man will come close to you. In fact, bad smell kills sex drive, so endeavor to keep your hair smelling good and your body clean.

3. Communicate His Sex Language 

Every man has a unique sex language which differs from another man. There are men who cannot do without breasts, there are some who are ‘heading experts’, there are some who get over excited whenever they see the vagina, there are some who are kissing experts.

With his sex language, you will always turn him on and make him desire you more.

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4. Ask for Silly help 

For the breast man, always ask him to help fix your bra, and while he’s at it, simply turn around and ask him if he cares for some suckling. You can wear some seductive bum skirt and lingerie, then pretend to be looking for something in the room or kitchen. Call his attention to it and make him see how serious you are at what you are looking for, while he’s trying to be a loving husband, drag him closer and whisper, “Honey I’m only looking for your dick”. Then speak his sex language and take things from there.

5. Be Absolutely Free in your bedroom

There is nothing wrong with checking out ‘johnbobo’ while uncle is sleeping. Men get turned on with some surprise foreplay like caressing his breast (Did you know that a man’s nipple is sensitive? Now you do!), kissing him on his ears, resting on his chest and placing your laps close to his penis.

6. Communication

Talk about sex with him, explore his sexual fantasy, and don’t forget to use all his fantasies to seduce him in the bedroom.

Take charge of the bedroom and use all your seductive endowment to shut him up so that he can drive you all day and all night.

Give your husband a feel of your femininity, and maybe you may unlock the most beautiful aspect of his personality.

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7. Be Demanding 

Don’t just lay like a log, demand romantic sexual things that will spice the bedroom. Suggest places you would love in to explore on your body. Don’t be passive, be active so you also can enjoy love making.

8. Sexting

Send your man a text when you know he’s wrapping up for the day to give him a taste of what’s to come. Let him know how much of a stud you think he is and the things you want to do him.

9. Drop Some (Totally Obvious) Hints. …

You could drop some hints letting him your body is ready, it could be anything, like putting off the TV and telling him something needs his attention in the bedroom.

10. Play Masseuse.

Give him a sensual massage. Get a proper massage oil like almond or coconut oil, you could use a scented oil if you have it. Use the oils to ease his stress, at the same time caress his body. Think sexual thoughts while you massage him. You could also take the kissing down south while massaging him.

The bedroom can be fun and you can take back the power that lies in it. So what are you waiting for, make sure you try out some of these tips with your hubby tonight… send a sext now, maybe.

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