Kim Kardashian’s Surrogate Spotted With Huge Baby Bump Amid Rumours That She’s Expecting Twins

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s surrogate was spotted out and about in Southern California on Tuesday with a bigger baby bump amid speculation that she just might be expecting twins.

According to Dailymail, the surrogate, who is a college graduate is a married mother-of-two. She was seen wearing a Nike T-shirt over her sizable bump and rolled-up shorts as she was getting into a black sedan car while her hands were full.

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Though there have been reports that the 27-year-old African-American is pregnant with a girl due in late January. Kim, mother of two, North, aged four, and Saint, aged one generated a rumour on Monday that her surrogate – who has yet to be named – could be expecting twins when she tweeted:

”Anyone know who makes the best double stroller? Not a tiny compact one but regular size.”

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Fans immediately started asking if the pinup was expecting twins. But she quickly cleared up her intention with another tweet: ”I have two kids people!!!! LOL.”

The stay-at-home surrogate, who was last seen in September is being paid $75,000 by the filthy rich couple.

Apart from being paid a whooping $75,000 for the act to include medical expenses, reports also have it that the said surrogate is also been paid a monthly ‘discomfort; allowance of $4,500 and earn $2,000 more if she gives birth by cesarean and $5,000 if she miraculously gives birth to twins.

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The agency that brokered the deal was also reportedly paid a deposit of $69,000.

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