Mums In Business: Mom Who Turned Her Hobby Into a Successful Business Now Training Others

We love sharing success stories about women, both home and abroad, who are doing well in  their chosen businesses. What is even more amazing is to grow a hobby into a successful business and to teach other women to take charge of their financial destinies.

Today, we bring you a story about a mother who has successfully turned her sewing hobby into a business and is now assisting other women attain special training in the same vocation in Morobe Province of Papua New Guinea.

Joyce Hoso, founder of Joy Garments and Designs has now engaged the Ginigoada Foundation to deliver training for others that apply through them for sewing courses.

In the last four weeks, she was in the middle of training a total of 11 mothers who were referred to her by Ginigoada.

“In the first week, we focused on introducing the trade skill and then we ventured into looking at how these trade skills can be our breadwinner,” Mrs Hoso said.

The 11 participants were taught sewing patterns, how to take measurements and then how to develop their own patterns.

“These women have in the last four weeks been trained to sew flannel shirts, shorts, leisure wear, different blouses and office wear,” said Hoso.

The training has provided mothers with a new opportunity that can help give them a new perspective to life.

“This training is basically a new business idea because now you can sew commercially and the course is tailored to suit the mothers that have taken part in the training,” she said.

The 11 mothers graduated with a trade certificate in garments and design from Ginigoada and are now in the running for a placement for the Foundation’s on the job training program.

It is for this reason the Motherhood In-Style magazine is organising the MUMS IN BUSINESS FAIR & CONFERENCE holding on the 25th and 26th of November 2017. We believe all women are mothers!

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