Authorities Looking for Nigerian Guy Over His Offensive Post on Rape 

So, a few days back, an offensive post on Facebook by a man identified as Enyeobi Donatus went viral. In the sick post, Donatus gave an advice to guys on how to “rape” a woman.

He wrote on Facebook:

”Well for the guys that are interested, before you rape make sure you punch her neck first so she can be unconscious, then it will be easy to get into her pants, am posting out of experience, take it or leave it.”

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After his post, someone buzzed him via Direct Message, and urged him to take down the post… but he didn’t, he stood by his words.

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Below is what he said;

However, an NGO, “Stand End to Rape” posted screenshots of his post, and urged anyone with information as regards how to find him, to come forward.

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Meanwhile, the S.T.E.R Initiative, a body that also stands against rape have begun investigation on Donatus, who works with Continental Shipyard Limited, searching frantically for him as his employers have confirmed that he is on the run.

The man is a potential threat to the society.

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