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Instagram Celebrity Hushpuppi & Baby Mama in Messy Drama Over Son’s Upkeep… See the Juicy Details!

For the past few days, Instagram big boy Hushpuppi and his former ‘business partner’/’friend’ Mompha, have been engaging in a game of slander online, spilling their secrets for all and sundry.

Mompha alleged in an explosive rant that Hushpuppi was living a fake life on social media and wasn’t taking care of his parents.

He also revealed that Hush has a 4-year-old son, whom he’s never seen, and taken care of. This seems to be true, as Hushpuppi‘s baby mama called him out on Instagram, saying that he had never seen his son nor even made attempts to take care of him despite his flamboyant lifestyle on social media.

Miss Sho, also revealed that Hushpuppi called her yesterday and called her a nobody.

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Here’s what she wrote on Instagram while sharing the below photo;

”This was sent to me and as you can see @hushpuppi has said iv given him a son in 2013 and has mentioned our son’s name on his Snapchat.

He has refused to meet his son and have a relationship with his him. My husband and I have not stopped @hushpuppi from being a father but up till now he has not seen his son and does not contribute to his son’s upkeep.

It sickens me as the mother of his child to see how he spends on fashion #Gucci #versace and never on his son.

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Just because am married does not mean the biological father should not take care of his responsibilities, especially when we have kept the door open for him to be apart of his son’s life.

@hushpuppi you called me a nobody yesterday on the phone for speaking the truth. You will regret that statement. As for @mompha you didn’t need to send our private conversation and involve us in your beef.

I saw you as his friend, who I thought you could talk sense to him to be a Dad to his son. If I wanted social media to know @hushpuppi does not provide for his son, I would have put it up years ago. You could have at least hidden my snap ID and not have put our son picture up.

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To all the single mothers with a deadbeat dad there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just as God blessed me with a wonderful husband he can do the same for you.”

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But in a recent post this afternoon, Hushpuppi denied all the allegations by his Baby mama about being a deadbeat dad.

Hushpuppi revealed he was in constant contact with his son, and he sent his son’s  mum money a couple of times, but instead she chose to divert the money to something else, a car.

Hushpuppi then revealed he stopped sending her money since she got married. He also shared screenshots of the gifts he bought his son, screenshot of the constant Face time he’s had with the boy.

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”How can someone say I am not in the child’s life when this was me and the child on FaceTime 3 days before the drama.

She always has wanted to associate herself with my name in public, she knew what she was doing by going to mompha when there’s fight,” he started off his rant.

To further support his claims, Hush shared audio of the call he had with his Baby mama yesterday. In the audio, he spoke to his baby mama, and reminded her of how he told her to open a bank account for the child, so he can keep on depositing money for the future of his child.

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As he does not know what might happen to him (hushpuppi) in the future.


It is unfortunate that an innocent child had to be brought into this mess. Hope they can both do what’s best for the sake of their child.


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