Increase Your Chances of Having Twins Naturally With These Tips

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There is no other greater feeling for a couple, than when they are expecting a child together. It’s even extra-special when it’s two children at the same time, twins.

Many couples would love to have twin babies for different reasons. Some think they are so cute, while others feel they are spiritual deities that would protect and ward off evil in the family.

Whatever reason you have for wanting twins, you need to learn how they are conceived and how to increase your chances of getting them naturally.

How Are Twins Conceived?

Identical twins are much more rare that fraternal twins. Identical twins are the ones that look exactly alike and are of the same gender. These twins develop when one egg and one sperm are joined and fertilized. This fertilized egg then splits into two and develops into two embryos and then babies. These babies end up with exactly the same genetic material. The incidence of identical twins is still considered a medical miracle.

Fraternal twins are more common. They resemble, or do not resemble one another. They may be the same gender or not. This is because they are basically just two babies that grew and were born on the same day. They form when two different eggs are fertilized by two different sperm.

If you plan to try conceiving twins, you may want to read this WebMD article about what to expect.

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Folic Acid

Folic acid is one of the many B Vitamins that pregnant women should take. Folic acid is Vitamin B9. Getting enough of this vitamin can help prevent neural tube defects, like Spina Bifida.

Taking a Folic acid supplement may also increase your chances of conceiving twins.

If your looking to conceive twins, take a 400-1000 micrograms supplement and increase your intake of Vitamin B9 rich foods, including:

Turnip greens
Fortified grains & cereals
Egg yolk
Sunflower seeds
Honeydew melon

Dairy Products

Everyone knows that almost all of the animal meats and products we buy at the supermarket include added hormones. One of the consequences of eating foods containing these added growth hormones is a higher chance of conceiving twins. So, if you are trying to conceive twins, skip the organic milk and go straight for the hormone-enriched brands.

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Birth Control

When you first discontinue birth control pills, or almost any form of hormonal birth control, your body is confused temporarily. It has to adjust to this “new normal” and most of the time doesn’t function exactly the way it is supposed to. During this transition, the chance of conceiving twins (or triplets or more!) goes up.


The older you get, the higher your chances of conceiving twins. We all hear that the older we get, the harder it is to conceive, but advancing age may actually increase the likelihood of a twin pregnancy, says Abdulla Al-Khan, MD, the director and chief of maternal and fetal medicine and surgery at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey.

“Once you are 25 or into your 30s and 40s, ovulatory cycles are not regular anymore. If you are not regular and do ovulate, you could be ovulating two follicles at the same time.”

However, there are also many more risks to the mother and baby when the mother is older than 35. If you are so desperate to have twins that you plan on waiting until you are over 45 or 50, weigh the risks, benefits, and side effects of your decision carefully. I would not encourage you to get pregnant later in life just for the sake of conceiving twins.

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Wild Yams

A specific tribe in Africa, the Yoruba, has been found to have an unusually high twin birth rate. When this tribe’s diet was studied more closely, it was discovered that they eat wild yams on a daily basis. The exact name of the yam is the cassava.

It has been suggested that the chemical composition of the cassava is the twin culprit. The high levels of certain chemicals are thought tho increase the number of eggs released during ovulation. This story by the BBC explores the high rate of twin births in West Africa, called the “Land of Twins.”

Sex Positions

  • Doing it side by side this sex position is also known as the doggy style. The woman will position herself in bending her knee and the male will penetrate behind. This sex position will help couple to conceived baby twins because during this intercourse the cervix of the woman is more approachable with the sperms.
  • Doing it by standing up position. This position is like the doggy style will be able to give deep penetration. This must be an advantage for the sperm to easily get into the egg.
  • Doing the missionary position will help the sperm to easily reach the egg. This would be the best kind of sexual position.
  • Rear entry position this sexual position place the man behind the woman. This will be a good position since this style ensures the sperm very close to the cervix of the woman.
  • Always wait for the ovulation period to have sex.

We hope you have fun trying these tips. Enjoy the special sensual moments with your partner and don’t put any pressure on yourself.

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