Amazing Moment New Couple Births Baby at Home With No Medical Help | See Photos

A new and young couple is trending on the internet for the right reason after they shared photos from their child’s birth. The first time mom also recounted how they delivered their own baby girl at home without the help of a doctor or midwife; no medical help whatsoever.

She wrote on her Instagram page;

”Many people have been asking me how I did it without assistance, especially as it’s my Queen and I first born, and the answer is – CONFIDENCE 🔑

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We’ve taken great care of ourselves before and throughout the pregnancy by eating well, exercising, having a clear mindset, and surrounding ourselves with people with good energy.

All of that being the first stage. Second comes knowledge and understanding of the body, and the functions of the organs during the creation of the baby. There’s no fear of complications if you understand the causes of complications.

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If by any chance there were an emergency situation, we both did extensive research on how to rectify the problem without panicking, just as any doctor or nurse would do. All that aside, I’m happy we have a new addition to the family 😁
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I rate my Queen so much!! The strength she has mentally and physically is so attractive 😍 I’m glad she has found her path in Empowering other women with all she learnt and done thus far!”

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See photos below… (Viewers discretion is advised.)

This is awesome! Congratulations to them!

Photo credit: Instagram

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