Shameless! Man Declares Uncontrollable Sexual Attraction for His Stepdaughter

One begins to fear for the safety of young girls when men who should protect and cherish them have unbridled sexual attraction for them.

A shocking post is making its rounds on social media about a man, Fredrick Mbol who posted about his indecent sexual attraction for his step daughter. No one knows how old the girl in question is, but this man fears that he might have to rape her soon.

See what the intending rapist wrote on his Facebook page as translated by Madunga JaKaruoth;

“I married a woman with a bastard daughter and this daughter has a pussy juicier than her mother’s. When I see her (the daughter’s) pussy, I get such a hard on that the waters of my eyes begin to leak. Please help me with thoughts before I end up raping this girl. Afterall, she is a bastard that the woman came with to this marriage.”

It’s sad really! I hope the man is located and that girl and any minor is kept far away from him.


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“Shameless! Man Declares Uncontrollable Sexual Attraction for His Stepdaughter”

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