Comedian Anne Kansiime Confirms Split from Husband of 4 Years (Details)

The Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime confirms that she and her husband, Gerald Ojok, have separated.

Kansiime revealed this information to her fans on Facebook during a QnA session. There had been a lot of speculation surrounding her marriage and she saw it fit to clear the rumors once and for all.

One fan asked;

“I got information on Facebook that you deserted your home after being a granted a divorce from your husband; and that you are currently dating a young Rwandese man who lives in Uganda. Is it true?”

She responded;

Kansiime and her ex husband. Photo credit: Plive

“OJ (Ojok) and I are not together anymore. Reasons why we broke up are not for anyone else to know, but just the two of us.”

Of course, there were those people who had a lot to say and judge the situation, which in all honesty is not their place. One such fan referred to the split as the worst choice of her life and by doing this she chose a direction where there is no God. She responded:

“How sure are you there was God in the union in the first place? Let us all be respectful and stay in our lanes, my brother.”

Other sources also claim that Kansiime chose her career over her marriage but until she confirms this, it will remain just that; a speculation.

Going through a failed relationship, rather marriage, is never easy and judging is the last thing anyone should be doing.

Source: ZUMI

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“Comedian Anne Kansiime Confirms Split from Husband of 4 Years (Details)”

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