Dear MIMsters: How Do I Prevent My Toddler From Having Bad Breath?

Good day MIMsters, I need advice on how to take proper care of a 17-month-old baby’s mouth.

I have been using a soft baby towel soaked in warm water and a pinch of salt to clean her tongue from the time she was 3 days old.

Sometime in July, I decided to buy Milk teeth toothpaste and start using that instead of the salt, because her teeth had began sprouting. So, last month, I discovered that she had begun to have bad breath which my husband and I ascribed to the flu she had. I bought Moko glycerine to use that and clean her mouth, but there has been no improvement.

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I have taken permission from work to take her to the hospital on Monday. She just has 7 teeth and the others are yet to come out, even though they are showing signs of sprouting. I feel brushing is too early and won’t be a good idea.

Please, has anyone gone through this situation with their child? if you did, what did you do to sort this issue out? These days I find it hard to clean the back of her tongue because she refuses to allow me clean it. A friend of mine said that antibiotics will do the magic, but I will see a doctor first before I administer any drugs.

Please share what you think I can do, thank you.

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“Dear MIMsters: How Do I Prevent My Toddler From Having Bad Breath?”

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