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See the Obscene Way a Wife Ended Her 26-Year Marriage | VIDEO

A disturbing video making its rounds online shows a woman ending her 26-year marriage over the phone in a rather heartless way.

The woman called up her husband in the presence of her daughter then went on to tell him she slept with someone else the night before.

From the footage, the woman is seen smoking in a room clouded by puffs of smoke.

In her words;

“Hey, little d****, I had a big black c*ck in me last night and that was the best sex I’ve had in twenty-six years. So what do you have to say for that? Fuck you,” the woman said then cut the call.

A young girl smoking a blunt is then seen laughing immediately after the call and introducing the woman as her mother while hyping her for the things she said during the call.

“Pass that shit. Pass that shit. Mum!!! That’s my mum. Oh my God,” the teenager said gleefully.

Watch the video HERE.


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“See the Obscene Way a Wife Ended Her 26-Year Marriage | VIDEO”

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