GRAPHIC VIDEO: Physically Challenged Mother Kills Her New Born Baby, Dumps Corpse in Refuse

There are some stories you come across that make you speechless and filled with deep sadness, this story is one of such. A physically challenged mother, Miss Elohoh allegedly murdered her healthy baby boy in her home, only a day after delivery on 27th November 2017.

Elohoh, a plantain chips seller resides with her mother and siblings at No 1 omohwovo street, Iwhrekpokpo in ughelli North.

According to Facebook user, Simon Ivan Ohio, she put to bed a handsome boy late in the evening of yesterday in her house without aid or assistance from neighbor’s or midwife. But the cry of the baby attracted the attention of one of the neighbors, who alerted others the the development.

On arrival, they knocked but Elohoh refused to open the door, but after persistent knocks, one of the siblings opened. The kind hearted neighbors hurriedly got some of the needed materials likes cloths and food for the baby and mother since she didn’t buy any.

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The neighborhood went agog celebrating the arrival of the bouncing baby boy, most especially by a physically challenged person, not knowing that Elohoh hatched evil intentions towards her child.p

After the celebration everyone went home leaving Elohoh and one of the siblings – the mom was not around that day – hoping to check on her in the morning. As the neighbors promised, they came back in the morning to see how Elohoh and her baby were faring only to discover that there was no baby in sight. They questioned Elohoh about the whereabouts of the child but she claimed the child’s father came late at night to take the baby because he was not breathing well.

The neigbours smelled a rat and decided to dig deeper but Elohor held on to the same story. One of them suggested that the sibling will give a better story of what actually happened to the child.

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And now this is the story as told by her sibling… He said after the neighbours left last night, Elohor boiled water and forced fed the child with it with an intent to kill him but the child could not take much. This ended up burning the entire mouth of the day old child. As if that was not bad enough, she then took a rag and tied it around the child nose and mouth, thereby suffocating the child to death. When she noticed that the child was dead she put his corpse in a sack loaded with refuse and plantain peels and gave it to an insane man to throw off early in the morning as refuse.

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On hearing this, the whole neighborhood was filled with sadness of this evil act done by this woman. Search was made in all the refuse dumps around and finally the corpse of the child was found with scars and bruises, corroborating what her sibling told them.

As of when this report was filed, Elohor had been handed over to security agents at B division of the police force for further investigations. The father of the child still remains unknown as she has refused to disclose who impregnated her. Neither her mother nor father has shown up.

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