Woman Discovers ‘Stone Baby’ in Her Abdomen 15 Years After Abortion | PHOTOS

A woman was horrified to learn she was still carrying the baby she thought she aborted 15 years ago – and it had turned into a calcified foetus within her abdomen.

According to The Sun, the 52-year-old woman, from Nagpur, northern India, had terminated her pregnancy because her family were said to not be in favour of another child.

Unknown to her, the baby had remained in her abdomen and it had turned into a calcified foetus.

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She had only become aware of the “stone baby” when she decided to seek medical attention for her abdominal pain and persistent nausea. The woman became extremely concerned when she stopped menstruating five years ago, so she met with a specialist at Junankar Surgical Nursing Home.

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Dr Nilesh Junankar said:

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“Her CAT scan showed intestinal obstruction, a blockage in her food pipe along with a stone like structure.

Due to this unusual report, a laparoscopy was done and to our utter surprise, there was a four-month old baby in the abdomen. We were very shocked. It’s extremely rare.”

The woman thanked the hospital for freeing her from a decade of pain and has since been discharged from the hospital.

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