Dear MIMsters: My Sisters-In-Law Act Unreasonably… I Don’t Know What to Do

Dear Mimsters, this issue about my sisters-in-law is affecting me and I don’t know how to handle it.

My husband is the only son of his parents. He has 3 sisters, one older and two younger ones and none of them are married. I am older than his youngest sister.

Whenever we travel to the village, the sisters will never wake up early to do house chores, all they do is makeup in the morning. Their aged parents fetch all the water in the house while I wash the plates, sweep the compound and rooms before attending to my children. I complained to my hubby about this, he said I should leave them and do whatever I can do.

What bothers me is this… last two years someone confronted them and asked them why they do not assist their parents to fetch water. My sisters-in-law reported that person to their mother, and their mum went to warn the person to mind their business.

I have tried helping to fetch water once, but seriously, I felt like fainting because of some health issues. I wasn’t brought up carrying anything on my head not to talk of climbing hills with it. So I do my laundry and bath at the river and only use the water fetched by my husband’s parents to bath my children.

Last two years, hubby spent two days in the village with us. He refused to allow me wake up early or do any house chores, and he always made sure we went out for a visit.

Going to the village is now a problem to me because I am worried with what people would think if they don’t see me doing other house chores.

Please Mimsters how can i handle this?

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“Dear MIMsters: My Sisters-In-Law Act Unreasonably… I Don’t Know What to Do”
  • So you are worried about what people will say? Why are the people not saying things about your sister in-laws? This is how women start what they can’t finish all in the name of marriage. Imagine their own mother is not even complaining about them not helping out so why are you bothered? Do what you can and leave the rest. If you can’t fetch water then don’t fetch.

  • Dear Poster…I will suggest that you and your hubby do something to help his age parent…a borehole with pumping machine will help a lot or if you cant afford that…just a simple well will do and they will love you guys for it… it is well

  • This is an insane family, what rubbish is this? Parents climbing hills to fetch water for adult children to use. Why can’t you guys sink a bore-hole and save them the stress?

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