Dear Mimsters: My Girlfriend Is Dating Another Man… Should I Accept Her Reasons or Move On?

Dear Mimsters, I am in disarray right now. I don’t know if i should move on or understand with my girlfriend. Please I need your meaningful advice.

I have a girlfriend and I talk about life and building a home with her. I do things that ordinarily in my right mind would seem odd. I have denied friends and family for her. I recall a female friend who is influential that wanted to assist me with 200k but I put a stop to that because my girlfriend warned me to ignore the girl.

This is the main issue; my girlfriend is dating anther guy that I am aware of. She told me she’s only dating him for money as she’s a struggling girl and needs help that I am really incapable of giving her. She doesn’t seem eager to resolve issues between us because she has him as a back up.

I confronted the guy, and he did not have nice words to say about her. He told me how my girlfriend had been forcing herself on him and that he practically has little or no interest in her. Even with this, I forgave her and acted like nothing happened.

Recently, whenever we have issues, she threatens me and tells me she wants to concentrate on the other guy. But the big shock happen yesterday. She came to my house very unhappy and displeased. I persuaded her to tell me what was wrong and she opened up. She went to this guy’s house unannounced and met him with another girl tying her wrapper. She said ever since the day I confronted him, he had been very violent to her and that beating her has become a daily exercise. She said there was a day he almost strangled her to death if not for God’s intervention.

My girlfriend said the guy degrades her, but she cant leave the relationship because apart from the help he renders to her, he had bought the heart of all her family members and they see me an unserious guy coming to useless their girl.

I am so confused right now because I love and respect this girl. Should I report the situation to any of her family members before the boy takes her life one day? Or should I start looking for another girl even though it seems impossible because of my love for her.

Please help me with your advice. I don’t know what to do.

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“Dear Mimsters: My Girlfriend Is Dating Another Man… Should I Accept Her Reasons or Move On?”
  • Oga, you are just the biggest fool alive. How dare you address this chic as your girlfriend? This is the most stupid thing I have heard.

  • Hmmmm that girl doesn’t love you. Leave her alone to be chasing shadows. This should motivate you to work harder and make your own money and hopefully a good girl will come along.

  • Guy you better wake up and think of what to do with your life. Your sharing a woman with some1 and your aware and comfortable with the girl. Something is certainly wrong somewhere mr. boyfriend.

  • Walk away cos even if u people eventually marry, this act will still continue and by then it will be worst, which means u’re playing with your life.
    I pray that God provide you a better one.
    Good luck.

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