Dear MIMsters: Help Me Make Up My Mind, I am Scared to Marry This Man

Please advice me on how to handle this.

I’m presently not in any relationship, however, there’s this man who has been dying to be with me.

He was sincere enough to tell me that he was once married but is now separated.

His marriage lasted for only a year and 6 months. He said that the primary reason for the separation amidst other reasons was because his wife refused to leave her church to join his after their wedding.

He said that they had an agreement that after the wedding in her church, she would join his church but that didn’t happen. Instead, weeks after their wedding, she swore never to attend his church.

He said that he was patient with her to see if she would have a change of mind but she stood firm in her decision. They had no child together.

It’s almost two years since they got separated. Now, he says that he wants to move on with his life as he is not getting any younger. He is a nice person but the only fault I’ve seen so far is that he was once married.

Dear mothers, please should I accept this man the way he is? I’m confused on what to do and need your advice as mothers. We attend the same church.

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“Dear MIMsters: Help Me Make Up My Mind, I am Scared to Marry This Man”
  • am scared why should not joining him in his church b a reason to end their marriage…hop ur fart won’t b a reason to end ur marriage too if u marry him

  • He separated from his wife and didn’t divorce her. Which means they can reconcile anytime. Besides. Think about it well or better still discuss it with your mum. All the best

  • According to the bible you would be committing adultery if you marrry him. Abeg ehn! just try as much as you can to forget him. He has done a mistake he would have to live with. I am sure God can help him if asks HIm for help. But the help shouldn’t be coming from you. Just close your eyes on this man and look the other way.

  • He left his wife bcos of church? I doubt this is d reason. His marriage is still young and they can reconcile especially after he has slept with you and realised his wife is better. Pls move on. This isn’t ur man. The guy has issues reason his wife is comfortably resting wherever she is.

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