12 Days of Christmas Giveaways: How Has Motherhood In-Style Impacted Your Life in 2017?

It has been about 7 years now since the creation of Motherhood In-Style Magazine, and during that time we have had an amazing experience.

The one major highlight of 2017 is when the team and I receive messages from people telling us how they have been inspired, motivated or encouraged by the posts we frequently post up on the website and our social media pages.

We just want to take this opportunity to thank you all who read our posts and take time to share with others.

What you do not know is that by so doing, you help us impact at least one person’s life every day.

If you are one of those who feel Motherhood In-Style has made a positive impact in your life, and are bold enough to share with all the other Mimsters, why don’t you post your feedback below this post and let’s all encourage each other?

How has Motherhood In-Style Magazine impacted your life in 2017?

What article or post added value to your life?

We would love to hear from all of you.

May God continuously bless you as we make more discoveries together.

With much gratitude,

Paula Rumm
Motherhood In-Style Magazine

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“12 Days of Christmas Giveaways: How Has Motherhood In-Style Impacted Your Life in 2017?”
  • Mism has really inspired me , i put the advice i get from experienced “Mama’s”to work, infact i have learnt so many things ,There was a time i was really down and depressed i shared my story but the words of encouragement i got from everyone Lifted my spirits moved me and today i am happy….!!MISM ROCKS!!!

  • Dir is neva a dull moment with motherhood in style,i found helpful facts in caring for my kids,i watch entertaining videos which help me kill boredom.expecting more from u next year

  • Good morning, this page motherhood in style magazine has really helped me broaden my understanding about marriage and life itself, it has also helped me in understanding that whatever situation you may find yourself in life always be grateful for the next person situation may be worse than yours, most importantly it help me in becoming a good mother and a wife, I got pregnant at a young age and when I thought life was over, I came across various stories on your page that have given me courage and motivation. Thank for all you have done.

  • MIM magazine has really helped shaped my view about marriage, motherhood and life itself. I have been able to start up a mini business based on ideas given here. I used to be afraid of getting pregnant cos of the pain and tear, but now I have been able to overcome it. Looking forward to more years together with you guys

  • Motherhood has made me to understand that a good marriage needs good communication. It has also help me to manage my husband, the kids and myself ease. I have learnt that will help my children become a better children to the society.

  • I have learnt a lot from mother hood instyle magazine..
    I have learnt how to relate with my in-laws and Friends,
    I have learnt from others mistake when to say No enough is enough i.e standing up for myself
    I have learnt how to manage some behaviours of my children
    E.g. a post made by admin on “becoming a better parent”that post inspire me the most

  • Motherhoodinstyle magazine has opened my eyes to so many things i did not know about being a wife and a mother. I am a kind of person that gets angry easily. There was a post i read where a woman was asking if she should confront her husband on something he did wrong. I glanced through the comments and advice given to her and i was amazed. I learnt to always have patience and not speak when am angry as it may worsen the situation. I think that was the day i liked following MIM and fell in love with the page. I have learnt so many and am sure i will still learn more. Keep up with the good work MIM. You are good.

  • I cannot open my fb without reading mis issues.it is always my favourite. People treat issues without sentiments. The group admin is not strict or authoritative, so people comment on issues without fear of being banned from the group, this makes it very interesting when an issue is raised, and the comments from people. The advice given here comes naturally and undiluted and have really helped me in tackling the challenges I face and helped me in advising my friends in my neighbourhood. I have learnt how to manage situations about marriage,childcare and in-laws. Learnt how to view situations from other angle.At times if I see a story I would be like its not possible ,it’s has taught me to always think twice before any action to be more humane.

  • Motherhood In-Style has really impacted me in several ways, not just in 2017 but since I joined several years back. I have learnt lots of things from here and have even introduced some of my colleagues who are now ardent readers. There are loads of inspiring stories that have been posted here that has taught me a lot, stories about Protecting a girl child from different kinds of abuse, how to walk away from abusive marriage to save your life, how to motivate my children to help them become better children in life and be confident. There are lots of reasons why this Page is constantly opened on my system in the office, it’s like a routine drug that must be taken to stay alive.

  • Motherhood in style page has really helped me, I came in here once in a while to learn something new and be encourage as a mother, wife and as a sister, some of my friends that are married/single comes to me for advise, it can only be here that I’ve learn how to approach them and give them the needed advise they need. MIMS has helped me to manage my home, open my eye stand up for my right and not to be intimidating by anyone. MIMS you rocks!

  • My experience with MiM started immediately after my wedding, 2012-2013,i bumped into the magazine at a friends house and immediately hit the town searching for the Mag, only to finally find out from my friend that it was actually send to her from Lagos.. Huh, i even applied for it to be send to us here in Enugu but can’t really remember what happened then. So i decided to take the facebook address i saw in the Mag and reach them out on facebook, that’s how i became a member. Fast forward to 2014,i read an article on breastfeeding and my interest with MIM grew,.. Seriously at that time i actually wasn’t breastfeeding my child well and she was growing lean, i cried when MIM actually told me thru that article that you should always feed them regularly even whilst sleeping (story for another day). The one that really seal it for me was the amazing transformation it brought even to my home,. Hubby hasn’t been much of help initially but one day i saw an article both in instagram and facebook about both parents being in the life of their children, i can’t really remember the heading. So out of anger me i carry my phone show hubby, from thence till today i can even live my four months old with hubby and jive (though for something important), he’ll feed him, change diapers and even look after the older ones more than our Nanny. Since then I’ve become a ardent reader, follower of MIM.. What and how you handle issues here is much mature, helpful and coordinating than any other group i know.. Thx for making parenting easier MIM, thanks

  • Ok, to cut the long story short, i came across MIM at a friends house in 2012,shortly after my wedding. 2013,i read an article about breastfeeding that really made me cry, i wasn’t breastfeeding my child and she’s actually growing lean, that article really changed everything. 2015 I read another article on both parents being involved in their children’s life, truth be told, before then my hubby hasn’t really been helpful. I will tie the baby on my back and be doing things while he’s Comfortably watching the TV. After showing him that article, till today he’s so active in their life that i can live my few months old with him and he does much better job than a nanny sef..Thanks MIM for inspiring even our husbands too

  • Gudmorning mim, I will say firstly, that I will never stop thanking God for the individual who has contributed towards creating this platform and has kept it running may God bless you all. Well this platform has really taught me a lot , I have being able to learn that marriage is not a bed of roses but an institution of knowledge where you’re to apply wisdom , understanding and skills before taking a step most importantly to be a prayerful woman. Throug this platform I have learn how to tolerate my husband and every other person’s around me despite their character , I have learnt that despite all odds I still have to move on in life. Well, I cannot really type all here but I must say am really grateful. Kudos to you all.

  • I have learnt to trust.
    If a viral story hasn’t been published by MISm I take it with a pinch. …..but once I have seen the news on the mag….I accept and then can share…. teaches me that not all blogs carry false stories.
    Keep it up! I’m always relying on your news updates…

  • Firstly my self-esteem and confidence has grown tremendously,secondly I’ve learn that no one is prone to mistake in life,thirdly, Patience is a key to long life,fourthly,communication and trust is great keys to happy marriages and relationship also the admin of the group have done great work by banning anyone who insult or bring down anyone which is unique… I hope 2018 more great renovation will be done by bringing educative information,business information … God bless all the team of MIM……

  • The group has given me the opportunity to express myself without fear and molestation….Also the admin ban people who’s out to destroy people’s character and emotion… Also it allows me to gain my friends from all over the continent…. Thank you to the teams of the group and merry Christmas and prosperous 2018 to you all

  • I have learnt a whole lot ever since I joined motherhood
    1. I have learnt that marriage/ relationship is not a do or die affair. If things are not working out or both patterns are not compatible talk a walk and wait for the right man.
    2. I have learnt that domestic violence can send someone to her/his early grave . We have to stay alive for our kids
    3. How to handle some difficult situations / challenges that’s come with marriage.
    4.How to love my self , Work hard as a mother and never allow low self esteem eat me down.
    5. How to be a responsible wife to my hubby and good mother to my kids.

  • It impacted in me the knowledge of motherhood, to always have patience in trials of marriage, to understand that no marriage is a bed of roses, to be independent, not to condone violence in marriage and mostly to respect people’s opinions and not to be abusive in commenting in people’s post and social media

  • MISM has really helped me a lot….. It has broaden and lengthen my knowledge especially in handling my home, family and so many issues that I’ve come across so far I joined the group.

    I have learnt not be judgmental no matter the case may be, it has taught me how to stand in for my fellow women whether in public or private.

    I was a single mother for 6years, now I’m married to the best husband that loves both myself and my son. And we’re also blessed with another baby girl.

    Before I got married, I read so many issues being discussed related to my case, and solutions were being pro founded to them. This really strengthened me emotionally.

    I always love the part that says WE BAN JUDGEMENTAL COMMENTS, it has really helped me a lot.

    MISM, I see you in greater Heights sooner. Kudos to the TEAM behind this group, you people have saved lives… You rock

  • MIM has taught me how to better manage my home, relate better with my husband, care for my kids and build my self esteem, I am a more confident woman, I have been greatly inspired and motivated.

  • Posting questions and getting a wide range of responses, reading other people’s stories and learning from them, It also afforded me the opportunity to interact with fellow mothers which in turn has helped widen my understanding in treating family issues. God bless Motherhood In Style Magazine

  • Motherhood In-Style has Impacted my Life positively. I have learnt all about life through Motherhood in-Style. I can now confidently face all of life’s challenges all thanks to Motherhood In-Style. Long live Motherhood In-style magazine.

  • Motherhood In-Style has Impacted my Life positively. I have learnt all about life through Motherhood In-Style Magazine . I can now confidently face all of life’s challenges all thanks to Motherhood In-Style. Long live Motherhood In-Style Magazine.

  • Nwozor Chiamaka
    Mism has impacted my life greatly this year in the following ways
    Maritally – From most of the stories shared and advice people seek on marital issues, I have learnt to cherish and appreciate my husband more seeing that I am blessed to have him compared to what some people have and pass through.
    Childcare – I have learnt better ways of taking care of my baby through proper hygiene and foods to feed him with shared on this page amongst others.
    New things – I never knew about post partum depression which I suffered from until I got on this page. Also, I didn’t know that VBAC (vaginal birth after CS) was possible until I got on this page. It even helped me in advising and encouraging a friend who finally experienced VBAC, etc.
    Personal help- I sent a message which was shared on the page’s Facebook wall and the responses I got were of immense help to me.
    This page has also given me the privilege to help others through suggestions and pieces of advice. These are people that ordinarily I wouldn’t have met not to talk of them opening up and sharing their problems with me. You don’t know how happy I am when I give my little piece of advice and people like them.
    Also, reading people’s comments on what their babies have done or things they said make me laugh out loud and appreciate these gifts God has given us.
    In all, this page is wonderful and I keep telling my friends about it. Some have even joined. Kudos to you.

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