Dear MIMsters: How Do I Save This Child From Her Wicked Bosses


Please help save a child.

 There’s a young lady in my neighborhood, who after giving birth to a set of twin babies, last year, brought a child, aged 9-10 to take up the responsibility of a nanny.  
She brought the child from the village. The annoying part is that, since the child arrived at her house, she has never been to school. The treatment she and her husband give to this child goes beyond wickedness. They treat her like they’re doing her a favor by bringing her to the city. What Nonsense!
Each time I see her, my heart melts. I see sadness and pains in her eyes. And I ask, how do I get this girl out of this bondage? All she does is carrying this children, run errands, receive beatings. Seriously, its getting to me. No Education. No Good feeding. No Clothes. Nothing!
Please, I beg everyone, link me up with agencies, or anyone that can officially help this child out. I’ll be ready to take them to the house. If this is what I do before the end of 2017, I’ll be glad I did.
Sometime ago, I asked her if she knows her mums number or anyone in her village, she said No. I would have long called her mum to come take her child home. She’s the only child her mum has.
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“Dear MIMsters: How Do I Save This Child From Her Wicked Bosses”
  • My heart breaks for this little girl Please check Goggle for Human rights and check the one close to the area where you live. Give them a call and the will ask you to send the house address, they will come around with police to arrest these heartless individuals. I promise you that the will get more than what the bargained for, thanks for doing this, may God bless you for saving a child.

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