PARENTING: See How Dad Corrected His Son for Fighting with His Sister

Children err all the time, because they are children but guess what? Adults make mistakes too. It is the ability to correct them lovingly and effectively that makes for good parenting. And this is what the story we are about to share is about…

A cool dad has been hailed on social media for how he tried to teach his son not to be a woman beater.

A Twitter user @Ama_Qamata, took to the platform to reveal the punishment her kid brother got from their dad for fighting his kid sister and scratching her face in the process.

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According to her, their dad made his kid brother to write ‘I will never hit a woman in my life especially my sister’ 500 times, as punishment for the nasty fight.

Here’s her tweet below…

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Maybe next time your kids do wrong, you could skip the spanking, and think of more ingenious ways to correct them.

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“PARENTING: See How Dad Corrected His Son for Fighting with His Sister”

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