So Sad! US Parents Shot Dead for Warning Daughter About Her Boyfriend

A couple in Northern Virginia have been fatally shot for encouraging their daughter to break up with her new-Nazi boyfriend.

A teenager who is suspected to be the boyfriend has been charged with the crime.

Police say the 17-year-old shot himself after shooting Scott Fricker, 48, and his wife, 43-year-old Buckley Kuhn-Fricker, on Friday in their home in Reston.

He is currently hospitalized in life-threatening condition.

Police in Fairfax County, a Washington suburb, announced Saturday they filed charges against the teen. His name wasn’t released because of his age.

The Washington Post reported Saturday the suspect had been dating the couple’s daughter, but that the family had recently persuaded her to break up with him because he espoused neo-Nazi philosophies.

These parents were right about the boy, and sadly their love for their daughter cost them their lives. We can’t imagine how the daughter would handle this news… so sad!

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