Dear MIMsters: My Stingy Hubby Is Keeping Malice With Me Over This

My stingy hubby is keeping malice with me.

I’m a professional teacher but I didn’t want to rely on my monthly salary alone so I decided to do venture into some businesses.

So, I took a loan that will be deducted from my salary for 4 years. Hubby brought the idea that we buy a car that he’ll use as Taxi when he closes from work. This was the understanding we had and I made the investment to buy the car. We bought the car and I used the remaining money for diapers business.

It’s been a year now, and hubby does not use the car for Taxi as we agreed to. Whenever I ask him, he gives me excuses like he wants to do some maintenance first, meanwhile, he drives it everywhere. Sometimes, he’ll set a date to start but he won’t.

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The problem now is, my take home after my salary is paid is lesser while hubby works and earns more but he’s very stingy. I am left to bear most of our financial responsibilities.

Now, he wants to travel abroad. He has decided to sell the car and use the money to add to what he already has. I don’t want him to sell it because we have two kids; a three year old girl and a 2 month old boy.

Rather, I want to give the car to someone else who will use it for Taxi, so I can get some money to support the kids and I when he’s gone.

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The problem is since I made this suggestion, hubby has been keeping malice with me and has stopped eating my food. Where did I go wrong? Anything can happen when he travels. He may not secure a job as early as possible to send us money. What should I do now?

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“Dear MIMsters: My Stingy Hubby Is Keeping Malice With Me Over This”
  • True, cos if he cannot give money now that he is in the country, is it when he travels out that he would give??? Woman be wise for yourself and children. Peace!

  • Your husband is not just stingy but mean. Please give the car away to the said person before he plays a fast one on you.

  • My sister,a stingy man will always be one and distance will make it worse.pls do things for the benefit of you and ur kids.act fast .

  • Dear poster, get a driver for the taxi asap. Take full charge of your life and your kids. He won’t eat your food you said…cook in portions that will be enough for you and your kids only..

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