Dear MIMsters: I Think I Have Tolerated Enough From My Wife

I really don’t know what to do. I think I have tolerated enough from my wife.

I have been married for six years now but it seems my wife’s heart is not in this marriage, despite the fact that I have been completely dedicated to her. I have never and will never cheat on her, and she knows this.

Even when we are both lying together in bed, my will be chatting with her exes about their sexcapades. When I discovered and confronted her, not a single apology came from her.

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She keeps saying I don’t trust her, but how can I trust someone that sex-chats with her exes even though she is married?

When her phone went bad, I initially refused to get her a new one because I know it will enable her get back to those dirty chats. But due to the shame of my wife using a tattered phone, I had to go ahead to buy her another one.

Now that I have bought her a new phone, she is back to her annoying ways. She has locked the phone using her finger print so that no one can access it. She now spends all her time on the phone and each time I come near, she’ll quickly change from what she’s been doing to the home screen.

I have been the one sponsoring her university education & she’s currently in her 3rd year in school. I feel all she cares about is the social & financial security she enjoys from me. She doesn’t even care a bit about my dreams & how she can help me achieve them.

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No single day passes without me regretting why I married her. But each time I feel I should let her go, I reconsider because our lovely daughter and son. Please, advice me. I think I have tolerated enough.

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“Dear MIMsters: I Think I Have Tolerated Enough From My Wife”
  • hummm, its unfortunate what u have been passing through with ur wife, but i want u to look it from another angle, why cant u also engage on romantic sex chat with her, may be thats what she want and enjoy with her friends. some ladies love guys who are romantic even when they married. If u are going to loose ur wife on the platform of social media then i advise u to become social media guru. chat all kind of nonsense with her even how u are going to deal with her on bed in the night. Dont be spiritual on this level ooooo, go to any length to get her back to her senses and u will enjoy ur marriage again. shalom.

  • It’s very annoying to me when a man doesn’t live up to the expectations of being a man. Does it mean you’re not in-charge of your household? Please stand up and be in- charge and stop throwing pity party.

  • Please pray for her and watch war room. Cook her favorite meal and afterwards dress sexy and have a heart to heart talk with her and before I forget, please stay away from her phone to avoid HBP.

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