Dear MIMsters: Should I Listen To Siblings About Getting Married to My Man?

I am a 22 year old graduate from a reputable family. My siblings sponsored me through school.

My man is 5 years older and his background isn’t that bad. We started five years ago and we have achieved a lot together and because of the differences in our family backgrounds, he worked even harder.

From my observations, the women in my family don’t marry early. I have aunties in their 40s who are yet to marry. My elder sister is 14 years older than me and she is just getting married.

My siblings always told us that when we see good men, we should go ahead and marry. Every gathering was just a reminder of their readiness.

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My man has made his intentions known to my parents and they have accepted. My siblings are in support except for the two older ones. Their reason being that I should add value to myself by travelling to do my Masters, get business ideas and come back to Nigeria to establish myself before marriage. Meanwhile, when I told them the age difference between us, they told me he is not young.

Mimsters, I think that they just want me to go out and meet better options because they don’t like his family due to some things that happened in the past.

My man’s kind of job is one that a good contract can change the whole situation and my siblings can offer such contracts though he isn’t depending on them.

Please advise me on what to do because the date for introduction has been fixed without their consent.

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“Dear MIMsters: Should I Listen To Siblings About Getting Married to My Man?”
  • I agree with your older ones. Travel, further your education, explore before you settle down. Don’t settle now and then regret it later.

  • pls follow ur heart don’t mind them.all those travelling masters can be done in ur husband’s house. it all depends if this guys sponsors ur dreams

  • pls follow ur heart don’t mind them all this can be achieved in ur husband’s house o. it will depends n u and ur hubby agreement since u achieved many tins together wats is making them tinm u can’t do more as his wife.

  • if you love the man I think you should go ahead. its your life and you have a choice. the problem in life is that we can’t see past our shadows. pray for God direction in your decisions! good luck..

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