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Dear MIMsters: Everything About My Husband Now Irritates Me and This Why

Lately, everything about my husband irritates me.

Even though we now get along well,  I still find myself making excuses not to get intimate with him. This is due to the fact that his behaviour towards me has killed all the attraction I had for him.

This is what happened.

A while ago, we were about to make love and he complained that I wasn’t as juicy as I used to be. I told him to fondle and kiss me, else there will be no penetration.

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He reacted by pushing me off and saying, “Get lost! You who does not brush your teeth.”

l was so shocked and didn’t know where that came from. It’s unlike me. l was short of words. I became so cold and quiet. I thought, even if that’s how he feels, he shouldn’t have said that at that moment. This made me lose my confidence in bed.

He is so addicted to his phone and me trying to get his attention or start a conversation is a waste of time. I feel neglected.

I’m a stay at home mum at the moment with an online shop, so l started to putting all my energy into my business. This has resulted into me pushing him off whenever he wants sex. Now, I have ran out of excuses each time he wants me. I am not even afraid of pushing him off to another woman’s arms. I won’t be jealous anymore if he cheats. I feel happy with myself.

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I don’t want to cheat on him, I don’t intend to and l pray that I don’t.

The distance between us now is so much that he is always complaining about how cold l have become towards him and l want to make things right. Even if I want my sex life back, seriously, l don’t know how to do this because l don’t feel anything for him anymore. How do I get that spark again?

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