Dear MIMsters: He’s Convinced That I Am His Destined Wife But There’s A Big Issue

My man is convinced that I am destined to be his wife but there’s a big issue.

I am in my 30s. Previously, I found myself in an abusive and deceptive marriage and wasted more than 6 years of my life. I sought for divorce when it almost claimed my life.

After some years of loneliness, I decided to give love another trial. Besides, I want to have kids and a shoulder to lean on as age is not on my side and I’m very lonely.

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I met this single man who I’m currently with. He’s the son of a Pastor and we are same age.

We decided to get married. He told his parents but they are not in support for the mere fact that I wear make-up and trousers. Even though my makeup is always moderately done. I also dress moderately and well covered up. My parents are totally against indecent dressing.

His parents do not yet know that I’m also a divorcee. I’m so heartbroken right now.

They didn’t even ask to know me at all. I think they should focus more on the virtue that I carry inside as wearing only skirts does not guarantee a happy home.

My man has asked me to give them three to six months to change their minds and if there’s no positive response, he suggests I get pregnant first, then he’ll pay my bride price later.

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I’m not buying that idea because I’m not desperate and I’ve learnt a lot of lessons in my life. I believe he should be the one to convince his parents to accept whom he loves. But what do I do if they don’t accept?
Should I get pregnant or let go?

I’m at a crossroad because we both love each other and he has the spiritual conviction that I’m his destined wife. My parents also have accepted him.

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“Dear MIMsters: He’s Convinced That I Am His Destined Wife But There’s A Big Issue”
  • Please don’t get pregnant, what planet does his parents live-in? They should sort themselves out and on the interim, be on the look-out for someone else.

  • why cant u drop this make ups and trouser if thats only thing his parent complain about. My view towards those that make up is they are substandard. You are beautiful enough so u dont need anything to make u up. Pregnant before marriage is no go area , so never try it.

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