Dear MIMsters: My Feelings Are Out of Control For A Married Man Who Did This To Me

I seriously need advice on how to control my feelings for a married friend who did this to me.

It all started five days ago when I asked a male married friend of mine to educate me about marriage.

He started asking me questions about sex. He asked me what I love about sex, what styles I like and why I like it. He went on to say that he was very horny but I didn’t believe him because he occupies a very respectable position in the church.

He invited me over to his office the next day and I went to see him. When I got inside his office, he asked me to come sit down on his laps. I was shocked, he noticed and asked me not to be.

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To cut the long story short, before I left the office that day, he forced himself on me even though I begged him not to. He didn’t listen to me. I was so angry and was about to leave his office but he started begging me not and told me that he is sorry. He said he would do something crazy if I leave. So, I calmed down.

Since then, I have started having feelings for him. I feel like having sex with him. I seriously can’t help myself again but to feel him. How do I control myself?

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“Dear MIMsters: My Feelings Are Out of Control For A Married Man Who Did This To Me”
  • Madam, please go and have several seats at the back, WTH is wrong with your brain? When you were going to his office you are fully aware he’s going to have sex with you, someone that told he’s horny the previous day??? Here you are acting innocent and playing victim,”he forced himself on you” If I hear….long hiss…… just ask sense to fall on you.

  • Sex is powerful, though many don’t see it as that. Aunty, whatever feelings you’re having is nothing but lust. Wait, what if you have been nursing feelings for this man before the incident? Because why him for marriage counselling? A female would have been better if it’s a mentor you seek on marriage. Aunty, he told you he was horny and you still went ahead to visit. Who knows if you wanted something too, though not like the way it came. He is not a good man, run from him. Block every contact with him. The feelings will die down soonest, only if you want it to. I wish you have nothing to do with him again. Its for your good, though your decision to make.

  • Sister, the earlier you run away, the better for you. You’re the one to loss. you would be doing yourself much farm and no good to have even one stand with him. Once he’s had his feel of you, you’ll be thrown out. Worse still if it’s known, you’ll be more ashamed of yourself that he may be. A stitch in time saves nine. Christ will soon return. RUN AS FAST AS YOUR LEGS CAN CARRY YOU.

  • Madam, let’s be realistic here. You said you both talked about sex where he revealed to you that he was horny, thereafter an invitation, invitation for what? The truth is, you are aware of what is to happen and you are ready for it because you also wanted it. Another truth is, you became guilty after the whole thing as a human that you are, but the lust thereafter was responsible for the first mistake. My advice, if you love yourself end whatever ministrations you are receiving from Satan at the moment otherwise you would have yourself to blame. General advice to men / women, be bold to tell your spouse his/her short comings during sex and what you want for enjoyable love life not pretending that all is well. God bless you all.

  • What has happened has happened cos u allowed it. I know u wanted to be sure abt his feelings right? But he is a beast. U cld HV avioded DT by disregarding his invitation. So in order not to harm ursef try to avoid this man. Don’t do it by force, it takes a gradual process cos u re lusting after him. avoid him..else he will continue to take advantage of u..and dump u at last.

  • My dear, the seed you sow today is what you will rep tomorrow. Don’t be a home braker so that tomorrow no one will brake yours. Remember God said in his word what l have joined together let no one put asunder. Do you want to be an enemy to your God and your self. Pls make a u _turn and your own man that you will not share with anyone will come .you are blessed.

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