Dear MIMsters: Strange Acts My Man Tells Me To Do After Having S*x.

I’m in a relationship with this man who is 34 years old while I am 28. I am a graduate and we will be getting married next year April. I am not a virgin. My man tells me to do some strange acts after having sex.

My man and I were talking about our past last weekend when he asked me if I have previously had abortions while in school and I told him “NO.” He went ahead to tell me all about himself and how he has sponsored a lot of abortions in the past and later made up his mind to stop that rubbish life.

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He also asked for forgiveness and I forgave him.

On Sunday, he called me to say that he wants us to start having sex and I gave my consent. I consented because we hadn’t had sex before.

So, we started having sex. The problem is that after each round, he props my bottom up with pillows and tells me to put my legs on his shoulders. I would remain in that position for about 30 minutes. This has happened for about four times and I don’t get it. I have asked him about it and his response was that he knows what he is doing.

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“Dear MIMsters: Strange Acts My Man Tells Me To Do After Having S*x.”
  • He believes by doing that, the sperm will all sink into your system and settle for fertilization. Very soon he will start harassing you for not getting pregnant, that is if you’re taking some preventive measures after sex. For a guy that has sponsored several abortions, he might be scared of not having a child since he has thrown a lot away.

  • He is trying to get you pregnant. After coming inside you, he elevates your bum so that the sperm can go in completely without any pouring out. I hope he doesn’t ask you to abort afterwards.

  • Your man is trying to ensure that you get pregnant. He has the stupid notion that you lied and have destroyed your womb with abortion. Please desist from having sex with him, you are not some prized cow to be bred. Get on birth control ASAP, because he’s setting you up for an abortion.

    On second thought, dump the guy.

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