Dear MIMsters: I’m Scared to My Bones to Start All Over

I’m scared to my bones to start all over.
I’m very heartbroken now. My man whom I have been dating for the past two years keeps telling me he is not sure about me, anytime I ask him about what it is in the future for us or where our relationship is heading to.
Now he tells me that reason why is because he does not make me happy. He explained that he cannot make me happy because he is not a happy person. So, he wants me to go and find happiness elsewhere or someone who can make me happy, so I can be happy.
I tell him that I want to be with him but he says he’s not sure. He’s been saying it for a long time now but I overlooked it because I thought loving him more will help change his mind.
Now, I’m confused, I feel betrayed and cheated. What hurts the most is that we always spent our time together and share the same workplace. How do I now move on? I’m 33. Starting all over scares me to my bones.
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“Dear MIMsters: I’m Scared to My Bones to Start All Over”
  • There’s something that we ladies should know. We can’t change anybody, infact thats not our Job. We should stop taking the place of the Holy Spirit. Execept if God is using you as a medium of change. Don’t end your life when it has not started. Start over again, it won’t be easy but try.

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