Dear MIMsters: I Hate Myself For Impregnating Two Women Within the Same Period

I had sex with two of my girlfriends within the space of 2 months and unknown to me, they both got pregnant within the same period.

I almost went mad when I heard of it and I hated myself. But thank GOD for the advice and encouragement from my Pastor, I was able to summon courage to accept and take responsibility of their pregnancies.

Now, my first girlfriend is Yoruba. Nike gave birth to a lovely daughter. Honestly, I love my daugther now like crazy even though she lives with her mum and grandparents. Nike does not know about my other girlfriend Chioma, who is Igbo.

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In some weeks, Chioma will be putting to bed and she knows about Nike. It was tough for her to accept but with plenty of begging from me, she did accept the situation.

Meanwhile, Nike loves me very much and I know that she and her family will totally hate me when they find out that I have another child with another woman. It will really be tough for them because they were the ones who took up the bills when my daugther was born.

Now, I am totally confused about handling these two mothers. Often, they ask me questions like, “would you marry me?” The truth is I feel I may not end up with any of them. I just want my kids to be united and have access to my full care and love. Please advise me on how to handle this situation?

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“Dear MIMsters: I Hate Myself For Impregnating Two Women Within the Same Period”
  • So you don’t have money and you are keeping two girlfriends Hmmmmm. I think it’s best to tell Nike now about Chiamaka before she finds out herself and is heart broken.

  • Since your pastor advised you that they should both keep the pregnancies then the best thing to do is to marry them. Sex is definitely not for cowards, you need to take the bull by the horn by being a MAN. Tell Nike about Chioma and your intention to marry the two of them. If you are lucky they will both say no and you are free from marrying them but if anyone agrees then you marry her.

  • imagin his baby mama parent taKing up the responsibity when his baby girl was born, which means you dont even have a job but busy sleeping with two ladies at a time, oga get a life this new yeaar.

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